Welcome to the US95th Aero Squadron – The Kicking Mules

Welcome to the US95th Aero Squadron, the “Kicking Mules”. We are a virtual fighter squadron based upon the original WW1 US 95th Aero Squadron of the 1st Pursuit Group, United States Air Service, A.E.F. The US 95th Aero Squadron was the first American Flying Squadron to go to the front in the war of 1914-1918.

We mainly fly the pc flight simulation game Red Baron 3D originally released by Sierra and now available from Mad Otter Games. The Red Baron 3D pc game is still an immensely popular WW1 flight simulation game as evidenced by the large number of community web sites and forums dedicated to Red Baron.

Please see the section below on Getting a Copy of the Red Baron game.

Getting a copy of the Red Baron game

Great news for all persons interested in Red Baron 3D! Red Baron 3D is available again!

Mad Otter Games has acquired all rights to Red Baron, Red Baron II and Red Baron 3D.

Mad Otter Games has partnered with GOG.com to bring you the Red Baron series. The Red Baron Pack, which includes Red Baron I, Red Baron: Mission Builder, and Red Baron 3D can be purchased from GOG.com all for $9.99; DRM-free and XP/Vista compatible.

So purchase your copy of Red Baron 3D and then join up with the US95th Aero Squadron to help beat the Hun!

Good luck and we hope to see you in the virtual skies of Red Baron!

Joining the US95th Aero Squadron

Enlistment in the US95th Aero Squadron is open to all interested pilots, without regard to race, religion, sex, age or national origin.

Requirements are simple: fly with honor and have fun. The benefits of enlistment with the US95th Aero Squadron are many, most important of which are the friendships you will make with the US95th pilots and those of the Red Baron community.