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Well, if nothing else it is good to see you pop in more frequently now, Gyro.

Be careful not to ride Suzi too hard. They've been know to throw their riders into a ditch :)
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Looks like Red Baron has changed over the years ... Funny how things turn out. Countless hours wasted that could of been put to better use, Video games are funny that way I suppose. I'm sure laughing now anyways. It's nice to see however, that my 12 year old self or however old I was, still managed to do everything that all you old timers are. The river of life sweeps all of us by at some period in time.

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Salute Young Man!

You still see us here because of our love of the game and that its a WW1 game. We also like the fact that as the game ages fair-play is as important as winning.

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