Leutenant Pickett Please step forward.

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Leutenant Pickett Please step forward.

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Salute Yal! This just in from London!

1st Aerial Battalion,

4th October 2005.

Lieutenant Pickett,

I have much pleasure in forwarding hereunder copy of extract from Fourth Supplement No. 28843 , to the “”London Gazette,””dated 4th October, 2005 , relating to the meritious services rendered by the undermentioned member of the United States’ Forces.

“”HIS MAJESTY THE KING has graciously approved of an Emblem being worn on the Red Baron World League campaign ribband to denote the wearer has been mentioned in dispatches. The Emblem is an oak leaf in bronze, which will be forthcoming at the close of the present campaign. Until such time an oak leaf may be worn on the collar of the dress uniform:-

Lieutenant PICKETT, 95th Aero Squadron, US

The above mentioned officer did perform great service to the Red Baron community through his tireless efforts in organizing and executing the Aces Over Wright Field event in Dayton, Ohio during the weekend of 1st to 2nd October 2005 for which the 1st Aerial Battalion, Royal Flying Corps/ Royal Naval Air Service does express its gratitude."”””

Yours faithfully,

Vicar Major
Commanding Officer,
1st Aerial Battalion, RFC/RNAS

Salute Pickett! I want to congratulate you for a job well done! You are a great service to our squadron and our comunity. I would like to ask you to humbly receive this award, for all the hard work that went into making this event a great one. Same goes to all who participated thruoghout the comunity. I wish I could have been there. Salute!
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Congratulations You earned it!!


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