War Forces Practice War THIS FRIDAY (18th)

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War Forces Practice War THIS FRIDAY (18th)

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Need to sign up right away. Sorry for the short notice. Please sign up on the BA War Forces forum.
It's gonna be all scouts... monos. 9pm eastern time. The rules are gonna be the Monkey Island rules as they were last season.
Not melee, but team target. No bombing though. Allies fly from allied side, huns from hun. Dromes will be B2/B5 sicne these two are about level with each other and there are no major hills in between. It's going to be single or double elimination. We have not worked that out yet.

I'm flying. Please let me know if you are flying as well. This is going to be posted on CSq and 95/28 forums as well.


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Jump on TS

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for server password Fri nite..........


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