First All-Stars Date Announced

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First All-Stars Date Announced

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The date for the first all-star match is...
December 3 at 3pm. That's Saturday. Be there or be [].

Primary All-Stars have been announced and everyone's scores have been posted on the BA RBWL Scores Forum.

Pickett is 1st runner-up for scout, KenP is second.
Tink is 1st runner-up for bomber, Swift is second, Waldo is 3rd.

Runners-up please also try to be available for the matches in case the Primarys cannot make it.

Honorable mentions go to CSq_K438 who placed third on the list of killers and should be 1st runner up. However, due to his sudden change in location he can no longer get online.

(also posted on BA RBWL Forum, CSq Guestbook, and US95 Public Forum)

BA Nemo

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From LE Kill:

The first all-star game is this Sat.12/3/05 at 3 pm eastern. We need a couple things asap.
1. Pilot rosters {team 4 has submitted theirs}
2. A volunteer from each side of the mud to act as a facilitator/commander ie submit active dromes and then assign the teams to a drome.
3. Have FUN

Team #7 FA62/J30/KoA (4 slots)
Team #1 RAF 209 (4 slots)
Team #5 AA/GA/GT (4 slots)
Team #8 J99/J5/J3 (4 slots)
Team #2 LE/US94/US103/RFC46 (2 slots)

Team #6 BA/CSq/RAF56/US 95-85/RAF28 (4 slots)
Team #4 KFZ/LWWW/1PL/SPA24/LV (4 slots)
Team #9 First Air Battalion (4 slots)
Team #3 RAC/PJ666/J9/MPH (4 slots)
Team #2 LE/US94/US103/RFC46 (2 slots)


I'll send him our list of pilots. Anyone want to volunteer as the commander?


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