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been busting my brain trying to get my rb to run, and i've exauhsted all logical options...

* searched on the net/forumns for solution
* tried changing compatability option with right click on the .exe
* of coarse, reinstalled, reinstalled, reinstalled.

Anytime i try to launch RB3D Sp, it goes to launch, black screen, hear hte music breifly, then it crashes. (Despite reinstalling).
MP will go through the menu's, but crashes when trying to join. (Actually, i can't find any servers with 1078?)

Any suggestions?

My thanks!
W.S. Jenkins

aka Jenks

p.s. sorry its been so long, been TRYINg to fix my crap. I assume we still fly, no?

Post by Jenkins »

btw, here's my current contact information!

xfire: (those who use it) jbkendal
yahoo: acousticly_bren
cell: (for those who love me, soppy wink wink) 513-307-7390

thanks guys!,

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Post by US95Pickett »

S! Jenkins, I'm not sure what operating system you have, sounds like it might be Windows XP. If so, have you tried the XP first aid kit for RB? You can download it from here: ...

Start by completely removing red baron from your computer and restart the computer.
Next, install red baron. If you installed red baron II, then you need to download and install the red baron super patch so that you upgrade red baron II to red baron 3d. You can get the superpatch here: ... 3d_spr.exe
Next, install the 1078 patch which will enable you to see the servers online, you can download the 1078 patch here: ... 3d1078.exe
Next, download and install the red baron first aid kit: ...
Be sure to read the first aid kit readme file.

Hope this helps!

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