Sopwyth...seen alive wandering in noman'sland.

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Sopwyth...seen alive wandering in noman'sland.

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Hey guys,

Was over at the RAF28 site.....looked I thought id head over and see what was up. Glad to see you guys are still alive.

I went on a server, ran into a few old hands.....well....5 people. haha

I remember the days when I squad could fly as a formation....and 40-50 people were ina flanders server. Those were the days.

so you guys in warforces? RBWL? Hows that going?

I dont fly much anymore, Red Baron doesnt work well on my PC...and even IL2 has grown old. Call of Duty II has eatin my soul......and unfortunetly ive grown now consumes my life. Its funny how I was in the th grade when I started flying Red Baron.

Cars and girls rule my life now, or ruin it I should say.

do you guys use Xfire or anything? Ventrilo? Teamspeak? Id love to hear from you guys....maybe fire up the old camel a lil more.

take it easy guys,


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Salute Soppy

For some of us RB is still a blast. And try as i might IL2 never did it for me. Our Team did quite well in War Forces that just finished. RBWL will be starting soon. From time to time we hear from Jenks and Gyro or Horse. All say they are coming back but none have yet. If you ever get the inkling to try the skys again you might find it to be alot of fun still. We have people that can get Red Baron running well on your computer as well. One of the things that we have now is most everyone is very skilled as piolts and are a handfull in the air. Myself Stryker and Bletchley are still flying from the old 28th.

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iv tried to ahve RB run on my computer so many times....something always crashes. if anybody would like to help me and set up a time to do so..let me know


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