Knights Of The Sky!

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Knights Of The Sky!

Post by US95Rooster »

Salute Everyone!
Hope everyone is doing great, I see where a new Flight Sim is coming out . I was wondering and hoping the US95th might give it ago. Looks really cool, Called Knights of the Sky.
Might be out by the end of the year. Be a good chance to get RedDawg and Badger back to flying. That is if anyone can reach them.
This has to be the sim we all been waiting for. I can`t wait much longer ill be to old to see my monitor. lol.
Sure would be fun to see us all back together again, miss the good oldtimes we had flying together as a squadron.
This game is coming out of Russia, so i guess it will be some what like IL2, but with its own flight engine for the WW1 birds. Looks very cool.
Please check it out!
Take Care!
US95th Rooster
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Salute Rooster. Good to see u. :D W.M.
May all your skies be blue. ")

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