Does IL 2 have a WWI version

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Does IL 2 have a WWI version

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Hi chaps,
I am new to flight siming and would like to know if IL2 has a WWI part. I fly gliders in real life and don't want to touch the WWII stuff and ruin my skills with ships that fly too fast. I believe that what you practice on computer carries over into real flying. RoF looks the best but I don't have a computer that would work.


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Re: Does IL 2 have a WWI version

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S! Flieger

No, Not yet, but they are working on it. I was talking to some in the 95th in regard to Rise of Flight, who know more about computers then I do.there are ways to turn down the eye candy and other things to make it work on older systems, buy waving some kind of magic wand or something. I will have them ad to this post to help you.

If that fails you can get a copy of Red Baron 3D, a very good WWI Flt Sim. This is a old game but still active, (we are first and for most a Red Baron3D Squad). We still have a very avid, (but small), group who play it. You can either play on line, or off line, either way it is still an awesome game. With Red Baron, anyone of us can walk you through getting up and running , with all the bells and whistles, just ask.

If. per chance you are looking for a home give us a look, we are currently expanding the 95th into all kind of aviation venues. Who knows maybe we will even have a 95th presence in EVE...

So, if you have any questions, just ask, one of use will steer you in the right direction....V......

P.S. What gldrs do you my youth I flew SGS 2-33A...SGS 1-26E...and Blanik L-13.They were
a blast... :D


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