Flt Sim fan made videos

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Flt Sim fan made videos

Post by Vampire »

S! to all...

Found another site that may interest you video makers, (it's Il-2, but what the hey....), created by fans. Really,they are excellent vids....should give some of you smarter people some ideas, who knows if you can get a RoF video posted, you can be famous; not to mention the plug the 95th would get out of it ...

Don't look for help from me, I am still trying to figure out how to put some @&^%#$!! paint on a crate and not make it look like a #$%^&&%^$%$@!! glowing cartoon :lol:

Oh yeah the site, flightsimmachinima.com , one word, click the vid you want, then hit the Utube Icon.....takes you to the Utube vid and all kinds of like vids....enjoy V............

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Re: Flt Sim fan made videos

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Salute Vamp! Stay tuned and I shall post a few of my latest creations, designed to put you on the edge of your seats and make you laugh too!
It takes a wacky old koot like me to do them! lol
I had a video post at one time. Once I shake the dust off my old arse I'll post them. :wink2:


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