If you are having a bad day, think of this.......

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If you are having a bad day, think of this.......

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S! to all.....

I decided to post this story here, so it will be read by any and all who pop into our web sight. So, you think you are having a bad day? Think of this poor Navy flier in WWII, and maybe, just may be, it will make you smile.

Some of you may not know, but my father was a POW in Stag Luft 1in WWII,( he was a B-17 Pilot). He is a member of the POW Organization in San Diego, CA. During one of the meetings, they were swapping stories of their time as "guests" in WWII. This story comes from a flier that was in Stag Luft 3.

In late 1942, early 1943 a Navy pilot was doing a training flight out of Pensecola, FL. He developed engine problems, radioed in his location and wound up ditching in the Gulf of Mexico. So there he is floating in the gulf and he sees a periscope,and a sub surfaces, ahh good news. Now the bad news, it is a GERMAN sub :wtf: !!!!

They then proceed to take him to Germany, where he winds up in Stag Luft 3. Then the real rubbing the nose in it happens. Not only does this poor bastard have to spend the rest of the war surrounded by Army Air Corps fliers. The Dept of Navy decided he did not get Overseas pay or Hazardous Duty pay. That is be cause it happened with in CONUS,(off the US coast), and it was a training flight!!!!!!

Really, you just can not make this kind of stuff up LOL.......V :biggrin2:

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