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default keyboard responses

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Salute all
hope everyone is well
been busy with 1/6s scale rc spad 13 and been neglecting my flying.
some help though if you please, I have a friend who is starting out and doesnt have a print out of the default responses layed out over the keyboard and I think Pickett you turned me on to one here. I would like to pay it foward but cant find it in the archives. anyway you could repost for me when you get the chance?
thanks again sir, miss flying with you guys.
"up and at em"

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Re: default keyboard responses

Post by US95Pickett »

S! all, Blake, I think this might be what you're looking for:
forum thread about the keyboard commands:

you can view/download a full size printable image of the keyboard commands from here: ... &mode=view



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