First ROF Tournment

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First ROF Tournment

Post by Lexx2 »


Thanks guys! I enjoyed it emencely! Will definately try to make the next one!


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Re: First ROF Tournment

Post by Vampire »

S! to all....

First, I want to thank Pickett for all time time and effort he put into putting this series of matches togehter it was great!!!!

Second, thanx to all of you who showed up, It was fun, I hope this will be the start of a Us 95th tradition of hosting more of these in the future.....V.....

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Re: First ROF Tournment

Post by US95 2Lt Blake »

I concur. Pickett, thanks for setting it up. I thought the event was great. As the newest member of the 95 cant tell you how ahh struck I was by the whole thing. Anyway learned so much and hope I can be a more useful squadron member in the future. hope to be in again this sat.

I would also like to appologize for cursing on ts3, I hit some function (not sure which) and I got kicked to screen saver(again) and cant get back to see game, until I completely exit and restart. I get so easily frustrated with computers. Its all so overwelming. :wink2:

anyway great fun thanks for having me :biggrin2:
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Re: First ROF Tournment

Post by j5_schneider »

Agree and "Salute!" to all. Now if only my AI tail gunner in the DFW will stay awake and shoot em' first....but that is another issue. Thanks and good hunting!


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