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determining the winner of each RoF War match

Posted: Sat May 21, 2011 9:09 pm
by US95Pickett
S! all, in Rise of Flight War Tournament 1, the rules were whatever team was able to destroy all targets would win that match, and whoever won the most matches won the tournament. It was because there is no scoring program which we can use to currently score RoF matches.

However, we can take screen capture shots of the in game scoreboard that is displayed at the end of the match and use those displayed scoreboard point scores.

What do you think of the idea that if neither team could destroy all targets in a match, then the team with the most total points as displayed in the screen captures of the end of game scoreboard will win the match?

Or we could even just go by the scores as displayed in the screen capture shots of the in game scoreboard that is displayed at the end of the match to determine the winner of that match.

The only problem that I can see with using the in game scoreboard that is displayed at the end of the match, is that we have no idea of how the RoF game determines the in game scoring (there would be no way to determine what tactics to employ in an attempt to achieve maximum point scoring).

Re: determining the winner of each RoF War match

Posted: Sun May 22, 2011 3:24 pm
by Vampire
S! to all....

First, I wish to thank Pick for all he has done to make this series of War Matches the great success that it was. Well done and thank you Pickett....

Now to your question, I really see no problem in using the in game score board as a deciding factor in what would be other wise a draw. I agree we must figure out how the game awards points, how many and for what first though.

I made an earlier post on the possibility on limiting the number of aircraft available to each team, did you see it?

Third, I think a good way to improve the numbers in the next series of matches, would be to state the following in all possible forums;

The purpose of the War Matches are;

First and fore most, to have fun.

Second, the War Matches are a platform for everyone. Where the newbies and first timers can meet
others, (more advanced players), and learn how to play the game. The advanced players can
meet new players and pass on what they have learned. Which brings me to the third point.

Third, the War Matches can to be used as both a training and recruiting tool for new players; by the
Squadrons that fly in the matches. The only rule would be not to poach and be cool about.

Your thoughts?....V....

Re: determining the winner of each RoF War match

Posted: Sun May 22, 2011 5:10 pm
by US95 2Lt Blake
Thank you Pickett. I really had a great time.
Vampire, I totally agree with everything you stated above. Especially the part about were more experienced members of a squadron can teach newer members how to fly combat. I cant tell you all how much I learned, and improved over the last three saturdays (even though my worst stats were in the last match). Thanks Pickett,Waldo,Vamp,Lexx, and Zardo for all your guidance, and drawing the boche off, so I could drop some bombs with the camel. We even employed a little bait and switch there at the end. Hope a new tournament comes soon.
Hope to see you in the skies over France soon

PS love my ribbons, medals. Any way to have them appear on openeing game screen with other medals? Or can we maybe post the medal under our avatar/screen name here on the US95 forum?

Re: determining the winner of each RoF War match

Posted: Mon May 23, 2011 10:11 am
by Thud
Pickett, great job organizing this!

The only problem with using the game scoreboard is that I don't think it is accurate. According to the scoreboard I had 2 kills in week 3. When I go through the stats you posted I had more than 2 kills.

I think maybe you should have 3 levels of targets.

Level 1: truck convoy, train, and supply ship
Level 2: factory
Level 3: bonus factories

The tournament winner has to destroy all the level 1-2 targets. If both teams accomplish that the tie is broken by whoever destroys the most bonus factories.

Re: determining the winner of each RoF War match

Posted: Mon May 23, 2011 4:25 pm
by US95Pickett
S! all, Blake, I'll work on setting up avatars of your RoF War 1 medal that you can display as your avatar and also the RoF War 1 ribbon that you can set in your signature of your posts. I'll post when I have it done.

Note: you can use a free photo hosting service, such as PhotBucket to upload your photos to, then link your photo to your avatar and signature under your forum "User Control Panel" (where you can set your account preferences).

Thud, good suggestions. And I agree that the scoreboard scores are not accurate at times (just my opinion), but the server log parse files that I post can have some mistakes in them too because I'm using a parser program that is "alpha" stage (not a beta or a finished program) and was designed for parsing log files from coop matches and not deathmatches (dm format is what we use for the tournament).

It sure would be nice if 777 Studios would create a scoring program that could be used for scoring matches/missions/tournaments, but if they do create it (which they might not ever create a scoring program for us), it won't be anytime soon.

Re: determining the winner of each RoF War match

Posted: Tue May 24, 2011 11:36 am
by US95Pickett
S! all, Blake, I have resized your RoF War 1 medal to an avatar size, also did the same with the RoF War 1 Allied and German ribbons. All three are now available as an avatar that you can choose.

I'm not sure if the RoF War medals and ribbons can be displayed in the opening screen of the RoF game or not. It would be my guess that they can not be displayed, but I'm not sure; I'll try and check on it.

You can also get a free photo hosting service from a photo hosting service such as:

Then, just upload you photos of the medals and ribbons, etc., and go to your US95th forum "User Control Panel" and link your images from Photobucket or ImageShack to your signature settings, to display them in your posts.

Hope this helps,