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results and scores of the Rise of Flight War Tournament 1
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about RoF War Scores

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S! all, currently there is no program for scoring Rise of Flight missions/tournaments. That is why the RoF War Tournaments have been set up with the winner of the tournament determined by which teams destroys all targets. Perhaps sometime in the future, someone with coding experience (or maybe one of the 777 studios RoF devs) will create a scoring program for us.

Therefore, each RoF War Tournament match will only list a win if one of the teams have destroyed all targets in the match, otherwise, the match will be considered a draw.

In the meantime, I used an alpha stage RoF log parser program created by =69.GIAP=DRAGO and =69.GIAP=TUSHKA that extracts some useful information from the RoF log files that you may find of interest about the war matches. Please note: the parser program is an alpha program and was written for RoF coop missions and not RoF td missions, therefore the results will not be accurate.


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