SC, Crapshoot, Willowmaker, Ghostrider are All-Stars

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SC, Crapshoot, Willowmaker, Ghostrider are All-Stars

Post by BA_Nemo »

These 4 pilots are this years picks for the All-stars games being held this weekend. It's late notice but I didn't get the scores from LE_Kill until almost midnight Friday night.
SC and Crapshoot are chose because they have the top two Kill Points for the season. WM and GR are the top two Bomber Point scorers for the season.

Someone please inform Willow. I do not have his contact info. Please someone email or call him and let him know.

Split scout per side, one bomber per side. There is not any more details posted. It's probably going to be the RBWL server. Keep an eye on the RBWL forum for more details.

I'll post the full list of scorers later on the BA RBWL forum.

S! and Good luck.
BA°Tinkerbelle CO

Post by BA°Tinkerbelle CO »

I emailed the ALL STAR pilots,
with CC to you Nemo,
so you now have his addy.

Have fun!

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