Death of BA Silverclaw

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Death of BA Silverclaw

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S! all,
I saw the following post over at the wings of honor forum by BA Chris Sanders about the passing of BA Silverclaw: ... der-falls/

"Salute! I come to everyone who knew BA Col. Silverclaw, I come to you with a heavy heart.
We lost a Good Friend and Pilot Scott McTavish has Passed Away on Thursday 28 June,
2012. He passed away in his sleep. Scott will truely be missed by all of us! Friend and Foe
alike! Thank you for your time and trouble in reading and posting this thread.
Semper Fidelis,
Gy\Sgt. K.R. Dalton USMC Med.Ret.
aka- BA Maj. Chris Sanders 101 Black Adder Squadron RFC "


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